“Coaching 4suxxess®” Professional mentors for your success

In competitive situations coaching is a success factor. You can compare business / executive coaching with sports coaching.  In sports, a coach teaches and supervises, which involves giving directions, instruction and training of the on-field operations of an athletic team. The coach´s job is to transfer as much of his knowledge and experience to the players to develop skilled athletes to their optimal potential.  The most successful coaching requires the application of sport tactics and strategies during the game or contest itself, and usually includes taking actions at the optimal times – decision making.  It is unimaginable to have a sports team without a coach – the right coach is a key factor in winning!


“Coaching 4suxxess®” What we stand for:
• Tailor-made support for individuals and teams in a well- defined field of activity
• Accompany executive managers both in rational and emotional situations to guide them through difficult waters


Values we appreciate in coaching:
• Independence (outside-in perspective)
• Objectivity
• Competence
• Confidentiality
• Trust

Coaching can be a touch-stone, early-warning system and navigator for executives. The goal-oriented dialogue between a coach and enterprise representatives is intended to increase the degree of efficiency and to develop success-oriented solutions for the upcoming challenges.

Systematic management coaching is a tool for professionals. It is used supportively when during turnaround activity or essential changes have to be undertaken and implemented.


We focus on the ongoing work of the coach with the team or the individual and its outcome – responsibility for sustainable success.

Our 4suxxess experts successfully participated in a number of different coaching projects:

• Change Processes - spin-off of a corporate business unit with set up of a mid-size enterprise
• Turnaround after bankruptcy and investment of a venture capital company – developed a growth strategy for going international
• Concepts for business development – innovative enterprise startups